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Welcome to the website for twice international best-selling author Dr Bernadette Tynan. First in her field of developing talent, to have a 6 part TV series dedicated to her work. Dr. Bernadette Tynan’s books and Channel 5 TV series have now been translated into languages across the world, to great reviews:

  • 'A prolific educational author of our time' The Times Educational Supplement, London, UK.
  • 'Gifted teacher helps our talented youth shine!' Chinese Central Television Science & Discovery Channel.
  • 'Genius at work' Australian Financial Business Review, Boss Magazine, Fairfax Media, Sydney, Australia.

Dr Tynan would like to say thank you to readers, viewers and the following global media & corporations:

Channel News Asia Business Breakfast; Fox Breakfast; The Straits Times Singapore; The Motts Show and TVO, Toronto Canada; Richard & Judy Channel 4, Channel 5, Anouk Van Westerloo Benelux Magazine GG; Australian Broadcasting Corporation; Sydney Herald Morning News; Australian Lifestyles; Women's Day Magazine NZ; British Broadcasting Corporation BBC; Sunday Express, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Mail, England, UK; Virgin Atlantic Airlines; Malaysian Airways; Singapore Airlines and wonderful people of Andorra.

Dr Tynan shows parents how to develop their son's/daughter's full range of talents, beyond school curricular. Whilst also showing them how to crack things such as entrance tests to win in Ivy League. Available in all major languages for you, via your country/continent's relevant Amazon selection.

Private consultations are available from Dr Tynan to parents and their daughters and sons throughout the world. Due to the distances involved, these are of course limited. For reasons of privacy and confidentiality, all applications are first received, via private postal application only, to the following London, UK post-bag address:

Dr Bernadette Tynan C/o British Monomarks, 27 Old Gloucester St., London, UK, WC1N 3AX. Thank you.