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Bernadette Tynan

Dr Bernadette Tynan PhD (London), MEd (Cambridge), MA (London)
BA Hons (London), PGCE (Cambridge), Adv. Dip. Child Dev.
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Dr Bernadette Tynan is first in her field in the World to have a 6 part TV series dedicated to her unique, successful and innovative 21C educational methods

Thank you to my TV viewers and readers and media across the world:

Catherine Fox, The Australian Financial Business Review, Boss Magazine, Australia * The London Times Educational Supplement * The Sunday Express UK * New Zealand TV 60 Minutes * The Sunday Telegraph * The Mail on Sunday UK * Science and Discovery Channel, Chinese Central Television CCTV * Channel News Asia Business Breakfast * The Straights Times Asia The Motts Show, Toronto, Canada * BBC Radio * Anouk van Westerloo, GG Popular Science and Lifestyle Magazine, The Netherlands * Tang Mei-Ling former Editor Singapore Child * ABC Sydney Sydney Morning Herald TV * Brisbane Morning Herald TV * NZTV Breakfast * Lifestyle TV Australia, Richard & Judy Show, as at Channel 4, Women’s Day Magazine New Zealand Robi Dutta, formerly Channel 5, for my previous 6 part TV series: a world first being dedicated to just one person’s work in my field * Star Alliance Group * Singapore Airlines * Virgin Atlantic

Special thanks go to friends in the military elite, France, the family of Lord and Lady Digby and my worldwide IP & legal team lead by Margaret at my international lawyers in London.

Australian Television

See Dr. Tynan on Australian Lifestyles TV,
Sydney Morning Herald [view]
Brisbane Times TV

Sony Corp echochrome

Sony Corporation asks Bernadette to review their latest PSP & PS3 Brain Game echochrome.

Read her review here

Chinese Television

Please note that the link to Dr Tynan's TV series translated into Mandarin on Chinese Central Television, is not currently available. Thank you. Xie Xie.

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